Speaker Edifier C2X Optical



The C2XD 2.1 speaker unit features a modern design that is suitable for a wide range of applications, environments and end customers. The C2XD is equipped with Optical, RCA and auxiliary inputs for versatile connection options. The optical input allows the C2XD to be connected to multiple devices, cable boxes, media consoles and gaming consoles for a great audio experience. The 6½ inch subwoofer produces an incredible 35 watts RMS in addition to the 18 watts RMS produced by the satellites, each comprising of a 3 inch midrange and ? inch tweeter, totaling 53 watts RMS. The incorporation of the Edifier Intelligent Distortion Control technology effectively and efficiently reduces distortion at loud volume levels maintaining a great audio experience at the loudest volumes.




– External independent amplifier with LED digital display
– Optical audio input option for connectivity to consoles and media centers
– 3.5mm-3.5mm auxiliary and RCA-3.5mm auxiliary input options
– Additional 3.5mm Auxiliary input and Headphone output port on the side of the amplifier
– Infrared remote control for volume, bass and treble adjustments, input selection, mute and standby
– Volume dial, input selection, bass and treble adjustment options located on the amplifier
–  inch silk dome tweeters, 3 inch midrange drivers and a 6½ inch bass driver, all magnetically shielded
– Edifier Electronic Intelligent Distortion Control (EIDC) patent-pending technology incorporation to dynamically
– manage input overload and avoid audio distortion
– 100% MDF wooden enclosure for both satellites and subwoofer for enhanced sound performance
– Built-in universal power supply
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