TESTER ΚΑΛΩΔΙΩΝ VALUE UTP & BNC + PoE Tester 13.99.3003-5




• Continuity testing of coax cables with BNC connectors and 8-pole data lines w. fitted RJ-45 connectors
• The device recognises open and short-circuited (wire/wire or wire/shield) connections • A two-line display (LEDs) indicates sequentially which pin of the RJ-45 connector at cable end A is connected with which pin at cable end B and manual or automatic switch advancing is possible; in the case of a short-circuit more than two LEDs light up simultaneously
• The device has 2 RJ-45 sockets; with the supplied Remote Kit cables laid in the wall can also be tested
• Two adapter cables (BNC/RJ-45) are supplied for testing coax cables • PoE check – the PoE Finder allows the newtork administrator to find out if a network cable is supplied via PoE. Just plug in the network cable that has to be tested. The LED of the PoE finder will shine if the cable is supplied with power.
• Battery (not included in delivery): 1x E-block 9V (6LR61/AM-6)

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